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3001, 2018

[Work]: Pack Creek Bear Tours

By |January 30th, 2018|Categories: Work|Tags: , , |

CASE STUDY: PACK CREEK BEAR TOURS ASSESSMENT The existing website was a bit dated. Pack Creek Bear Tours is a successful tour company in Southeastern Alaska. They were already well-known internationally for their top-notch service and world-class experiences, but they felt that their website was not doing their brand justice.Like a lot of businesses, they had a really old WordPress website that [...]

2207, 2016

[Work]: Hike It Baby

By |July 22nd, 2016|Categories: Work|Tags: , , , , , , |

CASE STUDY: HIKE IT BABY Hike It Baby is non-profit community website with 150,000 members in 300 branches worldwide. Interaptiv is their primary development partner, keeping the websites running fast enough and lean enough to keep up with the exponential growth Hike It Baby continues to experience. Their inspiring vision coupled with our technical expertise has allowed Hike It Baby to overcome the [...]

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